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Our Purpose


About what we can do for you and about our capabilities 

SBA Consulting Limited (SBA) is a NZ-based strategic & management consulting agency. We help turn strategy into action by providing strategy, executive support, insight and stakeholder relations, public and corporate communications support to organisations wanting to connect with their communities and key audiences across New Zealand.


We also help to grow individual and organisational talent through executive coaching, leadership development, and organisational development support.


SBA Consulting has the following specialist functions:


  • SBA Strategy – The core focus for SBA is delivering end-to-end strategy, from design, development to implementation. This includes consultancy services, as well as executive advisory and programme/project lead, change leadership, renewable energy and climate change response, and support capability

  • SBA Communications – SBA has developed a virtual ‘partnership communications agency model that provides a value for money ‘end to end’ external and corporate communications solutions.


  • SBA Talent - We specialise in executive coaching, leadership development, organisational improvement and recruitment services. We maintain a network of expert associates and specialist consultants and contractors to be able to scale and deliver work efficiently and effectively, either on individual engagements, or as deployable project teams.


We have strong connections and expertise working across New Zealand, working in both the central and local government sectors, experience working in the environment and water space, the rural sector, iwi, and supporting major projects.


We have a strong international level of capability in the sustainable and renewable energy space(s). We are committed to helping New Zealand to create a better future in a changing world.


We specialise in helping governance, leaders, and their organisations to effectively translate their strategy into simple and clear actions for its key audiences through an end to programme management approach.


We help others to influence, connect and provide insight for leaders. We help turn strategy into action


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